Nothing beats a rooftop bar!! When in Miami: check out Sugar, the sleek 40th floor bar of the East Miami hotel. Enjoy the Brickell skyline while munching on world cuisine inspired tapas.

Morimoto Asia, Orlando

Believe it or not, Morimoto Asia is located in the Disney World! It serves creative Asian dishes, while keeping with the traditions and authenticity of Asian dining. The architecture of the place is stunning. Worth checking out!  

The Standard Miami Beach

When in Miami: stay at the opulent hotel “The Standard”, famous for it’s spa. This hotel has everything, from beach proximity, beautifully designed rooms (some with terrace hot tubs!), to a dreamy infinity swimming pool. It’s all about enjoying water in all its glory.

Zuma Miami


It’s Miami, it’s Japan, it’ stunning and chill and delicious! We highly recommend Zuma Miami, and it’s modern take on Japanese cuisine! And, if you grow tired of the beach, take a bite with Miami river views instead.  

SantaCon: When in NYC

Each year, an annual Santa-costume bar-hopping get-together is organised in cities all over the world. However, the NYC is the mother of all SantaCons shaking up the city this time of the year. So: “When in Rome, do as Romans do”.


Dean & Deluca – foodies heaven

From a local SOHO grocery store in 1977 to a Mecca for foodies in NYC and Washington. Where you can find absolutely everything you can imagine whn it comes to fine foods and kitchenware. Seriously – everything. More info:

Williams Sonoma

If you’re into cooking – you’ll fall in love with Williams Sonoma stores. You can find them all over the US, and they are an absolute foodies heaven with every kitchen item, utensil, tool, appliance, gadget, under the sun – besides being a massive foodie community.


Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

Take a day trip to an idyllic, secluded and absolutely dreamy place! Little Palm Island is far away from the world, with white sandy beaches & sunsets. Like one of those old-fashioned surreal postcards.


Whole Foods Market

It’s one of the greatest bio food establishments in the world: the Whole Foods. It stocks all things organic in every shape, form and provenance you can possibly imagine. If you wish to do some cooking of your own, it’s THE place to do your groceries.